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ALZC--3000mm High Speed Pre-needle Punching Nonwoven Making Machine

  • 3000mm


  1. Machine width: 3000mm

  2. Stroke distance: 50mm

  3. Needle destiny 4500pcs/m, random arrangement by computer, diaφ1.83mm, aluminum alloys needle beam,and aluminum magnesium alloy downward needle plate with bore-hole,single polyurethane plated,air locked needle plate.

  4. Frequency:Max=1000r/min

  5. Speed:Max=10m/min

  6. Main components:frame、main shaft、push rod、beam、needle board、circulation oil-way ect;

  7. Beam:cast aluminum structure,light weight but can guarantee the high frequency;

  8. Stripper and support board:10mm,adopts electric lifting,needle depth and gaps can be shown on the machine scale-plate and HMI;

  9. Working principle:Needle board drive the needles moving up and down frequency,teeth of the needles will drive the fibers interweave together,to be compact fabric.


We can produce at least 30 sets equipment per year we are reliable supplier of the customers with 2 years warranty.
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