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ALS--1600mm Single Beam bags used PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine

  • ALS--1600mm

     ALS--1600mm Single Beam bags used PP Spunbond   Nonwoven Fabric  Making  Machine

Product Description 

A:Fabric Used For :

A:Home decoration :shipping bag,wall covering fabric ,table cloth ,bed sheet,bedspread,etc;

B:Lining for clothes or shoes :lining ,adhesive interlining ,shoe lining ,ect:

C:Agricultural usage:protection cover ,nursery cover,etc :

B.Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Production Equipment:

Raw material with Suction feeder device---->Screw extruder---->filter---->Metering

pump---->Suction device--->Spinning box ( Spinneret ) ---->Cooling system

---->Stretching device---->Web forming machine---->Calender---->online winding&Slitter machine 

s 示意图

C:Main technique parameter:

1. PP chips requirements

PP color master batch and additive

2. Products Width:1600mm

3.Spun bond Filament denier:1.8-2.3denier


Based 40 gsm, max 1500tons/year,300days running ,24hours running ;

Based 15 gsm, max 1050tons/year,300days running ,24hours running ;

7.Weight range:10-200g/m2

8.Maximum diameter of fabric per roll:1200mm

9.Design speed:≦150m/min    Running speed:≦110m/min

10:Workplace: Size of machine:L*W*H:18m*13m*13M

11:Power:Transformer (actual need) : 500KVA (buyer's preparation)

                  Power consumption:200KW/ h


Machine's show 

Production Show 


We can produce at least 30 sets equipment per year we are reliable supplier of the customers with 2 years warranty.
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