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ALBJB---- New Style Scouring Pad Thermo Bonding Oven Nonwoven Making Machine



                                         ALBJB---- New Style 

      Scouring Pad Thermo Bonding Oven Nonwoven Making Machine

Product Description 

Functionality & application:

1. Using the hot-air through process to heat the fiber web for bonding and drying purpose.

2. Applicable for producing mattress pad, wadding & fiberfill, diverse insulation pad, etc.

3:It is widely used in decoration, metal grinding and polishing, and daily washing. It is a new product with a wide range of uses in the market. Civilian scouring pads are kitchen cleaning supplies - including kitchen-specific scouring pads, sponge scouring pads and multi-functional cleaning brushes. When used with cleaning liquids, they can completely remove stubborn stains, and can be used to clean and wash dishes without damaging objects. Surface, durable, is a new generation of cleaning appliances.


1. Efficient air heating ducts inside with circular air flow achieving the high efficient and uniform heating.

2. Automatic and precise temperature control

3. Multiple thermal insulation design benefits the energy saving

4. Optional heating methods: burner, boiler, electrical heating.

5.  Accessible design for easy cleaning and maintenance

Main technical data :

Category :

Single layer

Three layers

Referenced products weight:

100~3000 GSM


Linear speed:



Working width:


Heating compartment:

6meters - 12 meters

Optional Heating method:

Boiler with thermal oil heating

Burner (gas,diesel,etc)

Electrical heating

Production Show 



We can produce at least 30 sets equipment per year we are reliable supplier of the customers with 2 years warranty.
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