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AL-rPET2400mm Waste Repellency Large PET Spunbond Nonwoven Machine



AL-RPET Spunbond Nonwoven Machine


Raw Material: rpet chips
Width of finidhed fabric: 2400mm
Prpcess Speed: 10-150m/min
web weight: 10-200g/m2
Annual Ourput: 8t/days(say 24 hours running machine, over 40gsm)


Characteristics and application:

spunbond non-woven machines that recycle polyester fibers are an environmentally friendly innovation of the future. It converts waste polyester fiber into non-woven fabric through melting, spinning and orientation processes, and is used in various fields. Spunbond non-woven fabric machine has the advantages of environmental protection, which can reduce the production of waste and environmental pollution. Despite some challenges, with the improvement of environmental awareness and technological progress, spunbond non-woven fabric machines have broad prospects for development and will become an important innovation in the textile industry.



How do we place an order to start producing the machine and how to pack the machine?
1: We will adjust the machine according to your requirements, design drawings, or according to your plant size
2: We will design, produce, debug, and test the machine. Before packaging, we will send all your videos and photos for customers to check. After the machine is successfully tested, the machine will be separated for easy loading.
3: The spare parts are stored in a wooden box to avoid damage.
4: After each container is loaded, write down the detailed information of the machine and make a detailed description of the container, and then forward it to the customer for their reference.

Why choose us

1. Quality control system : All the parts are inspected strictly before assemble ,in order to   guarantee the machine quality .
2. Strong after sales service team : We pay attention to customers service , we have one strong team specially work for oversea market service.
3.  Reasonable pricing : All the machine prices are made according to material cost and market situation , assure customers can get best quality machines at most reasonalbe prices .

We can produce at least 30 sets equipment per year we are reliable supplier of the customers with 2 years warranty.


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