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AL--TGB 8800mm PET Fiber Geotextile Needle Punching Nonwoven Fabric Non Woven Making Machine

  • AL-TGB


          AL--TGB  8800mm PET Fiber Geotextile Needle Punching Nonwoven Fabric 

                                           Non Woven Making Machine



Construction materials (such as soil and sand,soil and concrete ,ect )with different physical properties (particle size ,distribution,consistency and density ,etc )are isolated by using polyester staple fiber needled geotextile.make two or more kinds of materials do not lose ,do not mix ,maintain the overall structure and function of the material ,so that the bearing capacity of the structure is strengthened


Filtration (reverse filtration )

When the water flows into the coarse soil layer form the fine soil layer ,the polyester staple fiber is used to make the water flow through the geotextile with good air permeability and water permeability , so as to effectively intercept the soil particles ,fine sand ,small stone ,etc ., so as to maintain the stability of the soil and water engineering


Technical Parameters

Final Products Name

Geotextile Fabric Production Line

machine width


Productin width



100~650kg/h(according to product)

Raw naterial

PP/PET fiber with 4D—12D×51—64 mm

Electric control mode :

Control table or PLC


Specified by customer


Siemens brand


Siemens-beide brand

Electrical apparatus


Production Line Processing :

Weight type bale opener →pre-opener→big cabinet blender → main opener →feeder machine →carding machine →cross lapper machine →FBC →middle speed pre-needle punching machine →high speed main needle punching machine(3sets) →ironing machine  → winding &cutting machine


company 003

Dongyang aolong nonwoven equipment co.,ltd was established in 2012 .it is located in changsonggang industrial park,dongyang city zhejiang  Province .the unique geographical location and developed logistics ,also help us to serve our customers in a timely manner  .near the yiwu International market And shanghai city .Our factory is a profession txtile machine maker with more than 10 years experience ,our series includes:Pp spunbond nonwoven fabric making machine&Pet needle punching nonwoven fabric making machine .

we have a plant erea of more than 10000m2 workingshop and 80% of machine for export. Cost down on your existing products to regain your competitiveness and market shares with our proven quality and competitive price.

When you encounter problems, or your equipment needs to be upgraded, we can provide you with the most energy-efficient and reasonable budget solution。

We believe that only :Best Quality Machine With Innovative Ideas and Excellent After-sale Service “shall meet you special requirements

How do we place an order to start producing the machine and how to pack the machine?
1: We will adjust the machine according to your requirements, design drawings, or according to your plant size
2: We will design, produce, debug, and test the machine. Before packaging, we will send all your videos and photos for customers to check. After the machine is successfully tested, the machine will be separated for easy loading.
3: The spare parts are stored in a wooden box to avoid damage.
4: After each container is loaded, write down the detailed information of the machine and make a detailed description of the container, and then forward it to the customer for their reference.


Why Choose AL NONWOVEN ?

1:When you encounter problems, or your equipment needs to be upgraded, we can provide you with the most energy-efficient and reasonable budget solution

2:If you are a novice in the market, we will provide you with the most professional consulting services and guidance according to your expectations.

Make sure you do a test or trial before shipment so that you can witness real-time production and make necessary adjustments according to your market needs.

3:If you are planning to Increase your production scale, Let us know your requirements  ( Intended product, Capacity, Density and Raw material)

We avail you the Production layout of the new line for your reference.

why choos us

We can produce at least 30 sets equipment per year we are reliable supplier of the customers with 2 years warranty.


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